Saturday, April 18, 2015

First post!

I am so excited to have my first blog post! This has been a dream of mine ever since I started teaching in August and now it is reality!

A little bit about myself: I graduated from a small town high school in 2010 and headed to UNL to pursue a degree in education. I knew from a young age, that I always wanted to be a teacher and I know that I was exactly right now! I always thought I would have wanted to teach sixth grade and I found that when I was student teaching that it was exactly where I wanted to be. I ended up landing my dream job in a beautiful school teaching sixth grade working with amazing colleagues!

I hope that you see some "snapshots" of what my life is like in sixth grade and what activities I do to help engage my students everyday. I teach a variety of levels of students so I have a wide variety of activities I do.

Thanks so much for following my journey! I hope you enjoy a snapshot of sixth grade :)

Also follow my journey on instagram : snapshotsofsixthgrade

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