Monday, April 20, 2015

Best teacher moment in a while....

If you haven't seen this movement of "What I wish my teacher knew" go viral, you first need to watch the video below.

What I Wish My Teacher Knew CNN

If you have seen it and you haven't tried it in your classroom, do it tomorrow.

With this being my first year of teaching, my brain is already running 500 mph trying to figure out every possible thing I can do to make my students' sixth grade year the best year yet. Today about ten minutes before class, I remembered this article that I read on Facebook a couple of nights before and decided to add an impromptu lesson. I just simply printed out small sheets of paper that said, "I wish my teacher knew....", handed them out, explained what I wanted them to do, played some peaceful music, and sat back. What happened in the next moments is as amazing as this teacher from Colorado described. I wish I had done this earlier in the year. I learned so much about my students reading this notes after class from joyous moments to moments that my heart just broke for them.

We see our students on a daily basis and sympathize for them, but I think so much we think, "they are at school now, they are here to learn". In all reality, they have so much on their chest and we need to know it and they are not just going to tell us.

I am going to step into my classroom and teach with a different heart tomorrow knowing these tidbits about my students.

They have officially grabbed more of my heart......

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